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Azione cofinanziata dalla Commissione Europea
Il presente progetto è finanziato con il sostegno della Commissione europea. L'autore è il solo responsabile di questa pubblicazione (comunicazione) e la Commissione declina ogni responsabilità sull'uso che potrà essere fatto delle informazioni in essa contenute.



Irrigators of Spain, represented by FENACORE, believe that IRRIGANTS D'EUROPE is a new tool to make our voices heard and defend the reality of European irrigation. We believe that is very important to be present in European Institutions, both in the Commission and in the Parliament.

It is a proven fact that irrigators produce more and better food with less water. The irrigators of Italy, Portugal, France and Spain have made great economic efforts to transform irrigation systems and make them more efficient.

Only in Spain has it been necessary to invest more than 5 billion euros with loans up to 50 years. The modernized irrigated area is already 75% of the total irrigated area, with dripping irrigation by 51% and sprinkler irrigation by 24%.

On the other hand, given the possible negative impacts of climate change, in Southern Europe countries, rains will likely be able to concentrate over time, giving rise to flood damage, and they will be more frequent and intense.

Therefore, in order to mitigate the harmful effects of climate change, it will be necessary that river basins of the Mediterranean countries are well regulated through the necessary infrastructures. Furthermore, by having guaranteed water, the Sustainable Development Objectives of United Nations related to Food Security can be achieved at a global level.

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